Mentoring is Good for Everyone

We talk a lot about how mentoring impacts the mentee, but what you don’t hear as often is how  our Big Sisters and families are impacted too. Here are three quotes we wanted to share from one of our matches who was matched for seven years.

Sandy, Little Study Buddy Dominique’s Mom

When my daughter had a psych assessment in grade four, I was informed of her learning disabilities. We were asked to leave the school (French Immersion) and find another school that would suit her needs. I was so upset, confused, and scared.

It was a teacher at Dominique’s new school that suggested the Study Buddy program.

How very grateful I am for that suggestion. Meeting Thea has been one of the greatest blessings in our life.

Dominique has grown into a beautiful young woman with strong work ethics and a great determination that anything is possible.

Thea has generously given countless hours to Dominique, a gift that she cherishes.

Thea has guided Dominique from grade five all the way to graduation. Homework deadlines, projects, study tips, research, family, girl stuff, friendship, all rolled up into this amazing match. Thea truly has made an impact on Dominique that I will forever be grateful for.

Big Sisters has given my daughter a better chance at success, it has given her a true Big Sister that we consider family now.

I’m proud to say that one of the biggest gifts this experience has given Dominique is the gift of giving back. Dominique has plans to continue to volunteer and to hopefully make a difference in a young girls life.

With all my heart thank you for caring.

Little Study Buddy Dominique

There have always been strong and inspirational women around me growing up. One of those women that I had the pleasure of learning from is my Study Buddy, Thea. Thea has been one of the most helpful, encouraging, and supportive people in my life. Whenever I needed help in and out of school I knew that Thea would be there. Thea and I have gone through a lot together, only making our connection stronger. The wisdom, knowledge, and empathy that Thea was able to teach me have made me want to follow in her footsteps of helping people. Big Sisters was able to make a connection that will last a life time.

Without Thea in my life, I might not be where I am today. I look forward to becoming a Big Sister myself and helping a young girl as Thea helped me. 

I would thank Big Sisters for helping me find an amazing friend and my inspiration. 

Study Buddy Thea

It is difficult for me to put in words all that I have gained through my participation in the Study Buddy program. During the six years I was matched with Dominique, I had the privilege of seeing a pre-teen grow in to a brilliant and caring young woman. It has been a tremendous learning experience helping her problem-solve a wide variety of academic, social, and health challenges. I’m incredibly proud of the remarkable resiliency that she has developed over the years. She has become an inspiration to me, motivating me to be more kind, patient and committed.

I’m grateful to Big Sisters for facilitating our match and for helping me make a lifelong friend.