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We enable life changing mentoring relationships to ignite the power and potential in female, female-identifying, gender fluid, non-binary, transgender and two-spirited youth

Resources to Help Ignite Potential

Mentoring resources to support you through your mentorship journey and volunteer training.

Youth Mentoring Resources

Find informational mentoring tools and resources about various topics that may be useful to you during your mentoring relationship. Our caseworkers are great resources too and are here to support you with any challenges or questions you may have during your match. Just contact us! 


MentoringResources on Nutrition

Learn about how nutrition plays a major role in a young person’s physical and mental development as well as their future health.

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Mentoring Resources on LGBTQ2s+ Youth

Learn more on how to support your Littles by demonstrating acceptance.

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Mentoring Resources on Self-Love

Learn more about how to encourage your mentees on topics about self love.

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