Mentoring a Young Girl Could Change the World

1. Why did you want to become a Big?

I became a Big Sister because the timing  was right.  I had heard about being a Big Sister because a single mom I worked with told me her son was involved  in this mentor program and what change it had made in his and her lives.  That same weekend,  I walked into the mall to purchase something and I left with a Big Sister brochure.  It happened  to be, that that weekend, the mall I ran into was having  a volunteer fair. I knew this was a sign.  I was to give back to a young girl what so many people gave to me growing  up.  Love, support, and an excitement for life.  

2. Tell me about your match. What do you do together? 

My Little Sister and I do a variety  of things, sometimes as simple as having  a hot chocolate  together and chatting  or baking,  watching a movie. Other times we hike the Grouse grind  or do makeovers.  It depends on the day of the week,  our energy level, or the time we have that day.  

3. What is your favourite thing about your Little? 

Watching her become a young women and listening to her piece this giant  world together as she begins to make her way into adulthood. 

4. What have been some of the biggest lessons you’ve learned about yourselves in your match? 

It’s never that I don’t have enough  time, it’s truly  what you do with the time you have that matters. Looking  at my Little Sister growing into a women and try to relate  to her ever-changing  ideas,  concepts, moods, and opinions but then realizing  how difficult I must have been to my parents  with two teen girls. It’s like  having  a mirror on yourself  and say “was I really  like this?”

5. What is your favourite memory together?

Having  a sleepover and binge watching Gilmore Girls or spending the day at Playland.

6. How have you grown as a result of your mentorship? 

Being a Big Sister has helped me to be more understanding  and patient—life isn’t so easy to figure out. You never know the road someone else is leading, even if they paint the perfect  picture. 

7. What struggles have you overcome together? 

Making two completely different  schedules work together  to develop into one healthy strong  relationship.  

8. Why should people volunteer for Big Sisters?

The positive effect you have on the world starts with one drop and carries on like a ripple.  Start with one person, a Little Sister, and it can change the world.