Help a Little Sister put a Spring in their step this Easter Break

Become a Study Buddy – Just one hour a week can help a Little Sister reach their full academic potential. 

Spring break is a time for students to knuckle down and take some time away from the regular pressure of school and prepare for the final push before exams. For some youth however, it can be a time of stress, confusion, and isolation.

Unfortunately, not all girls and youth have access to adequate support when it comes to working on school projects, completing homework or getting the extra bit of encouragement needed to solve a math equation. We know that every student is different with unique skills, learning styles and challenges and we are on a mission to make sure girls and youth across the Lower Mainland get the help they deserve to set and reach their educational goals.

We are calling on women across the Lower Mainland to take the first step to becoming a mentor this Spring so they can be matched with a Little and help them reach their full potential.

Introducing Big Sisters Study Buddy Program

Becoming a Study Buddy is as easy as 1,2,3….

There are three steps to follow to become a Study Buddy:

Step 1: Review our general guidelines: Being a Study Buddy means providing one tutoring session per week (for one hour) for a minimum six-month’s. Sessions take place at a mutually-agreeable location (e.g. library) and can be done virtually after school or during the weekend.

Step 2: Check our requirements: We have a short list of requirements for Study Buddy mentors. Mentors need to be age 19 or older, fluent in English and must have been a Canadian resident for at least one year prior. Check out our full list on our signup page.

Step 3: Apply: That’s it! Once you have reviewed our guidelines and requirements you will be asked to complete an application form before you are matched with a Little Sister on our program.

Hear form some of our Study Buddy graduates!

Little Sisters like Flynn, Matida and Jasmeen have all gone on to achieve incredible things with the support of their Study Buddy. Watch their inspiring stories in our video below and take the first step to becoming a Study Buddy today!

The Impact of the Study Buddy Program