Leave the Legacy of Mentoring

Join Big Sisters Legacy Circle by including us in your Will. Your legacy is her future.

When you join the Big Sisters Legacy Circle and leave a gift in your Will, you become part of the transformative impact young, vulnerable girls need to thrive in the world. By ensuring the continuation of our life-changing mentorship programs, your legacy gives a hand up to girls who need it most, ultimately helping them reach their fullest potential.

Join our community of inspirational leaders in the Big Sisters Legacy Circle. Together we can ensure that every girl who needs a mentor, has a mentor. View Big Sisters Legacy Brochure. 

The following are some common legacy giving options. However, they should only be implemented with independent tax and legal advice.

1. Gift In Your Will

A simple and popular way to make a legacy gift is through your Will. You can specify a dollar amount, a particular asset, real estate, or portion of your overall estate.

2. Big Sisters Endowment Fund

A legacy gift can be made to the Big Sisters Endowment Fund, founded by Joanne and Peter Brown.  The fund, held at and expertly managed by Vancouver Foundation, provides a steady income for Big Sisters.

3. Life Insurance 

Insurance can allow you to make a generous gift at a moderate cost. You can designate Big Sisters as the beneficiary of a new or existing policy. You can also gift and assign a policy to Big Sisters so that it becomes the owner of it. The insurance proceeds will be paid directly to Big Sisters and will not be subject to probate fees. Gifting insurance proceeds can also provide tax relief for you and your estate.

4. Publicly Traded Securities 

Gifts of publicly traded securities can include shares, bonds and mutual funds. Gifts of this nature can provide a tremendous benefit to Big Sisters and your estate. If you donate publicly traded securities to Big Sisters through your will, your estate will not pay tax on any unrealized gain in the value of the shares when they are transferred to Big Sisters and the compounding tax receipt can be used to offset other taxes.

5. Charitable Remainder Trust 

Some people choose to retain the right to use property, such as their home, during their life, but direct that on their death the property is to pass to Big Sisters. Provided that certain conditions are met, this kind of gift can give the donor security in terms on the ongoing use of the property, but can also provide significant tax advantages.

6. Registered Retirement Savings Plan 

Big Sisters can be designated as the beneficiary or your RRSP or your RRIF. This means the assets in the RRSP or the RRIF will pass directly to Big Sisters on your death, and will not be subject to probate fees. This option can also provide tax relief for your estate.

For additional information about any of these legacy giving opportunities, please contact
Antonia at akjennings@bigsisters.bc.ca or call 604-873- 4525 ext 316