What do our Core Values really Mean?

Here at Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland, we revolve around three core values. Here’s what they are:

We Champion Potential

As an organization that seeks to build self-esteem, we believe that every person has limitless potential and individual strengths. We seek to maximize these traits in each person who is a part of Big Sisters: the Little Sisters who haven’t yet seen what they are capable of; the mentors who are realizing their capability as role models; our supporters and community partners whose collaboration and backing is needed to help us build sustainable programs; and the volunteers and staff whose skills and knowledge help guide and grow this organization.

Every Connection Counts

Every get together, every phone call, every email, every letter, every hello and goodbye – matters. We are an organization that seeks to build connections: between mentor and mentee; organization and supporter; employee and colleague; family and caseworker. We know that building strong connections requires honesty, consistency and respect and we seek to foster those in every connection we make, every day.

Showing Up Matters

One of the most important aspects of effective mentoring is being there. When we consistently show up for our Little Sisters – as mentors, caseworkers, champions and advocates – it matters to them. When we show up – to a meeting, to work, or to a get-together with a Little Sister – we bring everything we’ve got to the table, every time. We are present, open and engaged.