Rogers Stepping up to Support Isolated Youth

Rogers Canada generously donated 500 smartphones and six-month prepaid plans in addition to $150,000 dedicated to their distribution, to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada.

Cellphones and funds were distributed to metropolitan Big Brothers Big Sisters agencies; Toronto, London, Montreal, Calgary, Halifax, Ottawa and Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland.

Big Sisters received 58 devices alongside $17,400 of funds to support the distribution of those cellphones to families most in need. The distribution of the phones was assisted by the Caseworkers who designated the most urgent Littles, aged 13+, in need. A lot of our Littles could not believe that Big Sisters and Rogers were offering them such a gift. One of our Littles said “Thank you so much Rogers, this phone means I don’t have to bother my mother or use her plan to contact my Big Sister anymore! I am very very grateful to Big Sisters and Rogers!”

It is because of gifts like these that Big Sisters can allow its Littles to be connected in a time where so many are alone. What can seem like simple acts of kindness, can be an opportunity to stay connected with their Big Sisters, speak to a family member, be able to study from home, or find essential distractions to the current stress and anxiety that may be omnipresent in homes. Big Sisters feels very grateful to organizations that help offer relief to hundreds of youth whose well-being have been affected in these times.