Meet the Alumnae – Alex Gens, Big Sister

We’re showing some love for our Big Sister alumnae! Over the next while we’ll be sharing a series of interviews that feature our alumnae and their involvement with Big Sisters. Kicking us off is our interview with a Big Sister of 7 years, Alex Gens! Read on to find out why mentoring matters to Alex, and her advice on how best to get involved. 


“It’s such an honour to watch her grow into a young woman 
and feel like I’ve had a small part in that development.” 


Why were you interested in becoming a Big Sister?  

I believe mentorship is one of the most valuable contributions to our society. Especially now, as our world turns at an ever-faster pace, helping to navigate the pressures facing our girls at home and in the community is a responsibility I saw and didn’t want to shy away from. 

How long have you been involved with Big Sisters?
Almost 7 years, I believe! 

What have you found most valuable about your experience with Big Sisters?
The relationships I’ve made with my Littles, my caseworkers and the alumnae community.  

What is the most memorable experience that you had with your Little Sister?  

When she attended my wedding in Los Angeles. I was overcome with emotion that she had decided to take me up on my invite and fly down – just to see me walk down the aisle. It really felt like a testament to the strength of our connection. 

What is your favourite activity to do with your Little Sister?  

We used to enjoy strolling around shopping centres and checking out the new styles. Lately, we’ve just been chatting on Facetime and it’s cool that our relationship has translated so well into the virtual world.   

How did your Little Sister grow during the match? 

I think she’s gained confidence and is learning to be her own person. It’s such an honour to watch her grow into a young woman and feel like I’ve had a small part in that development.  

What’s the biggest challenge of being a Big Sister?  

Being apart! She lives on the island and it’s tricky to coordinate physical plans as much as we’d both like.  

What is the biggest reward of being a Big Sister?  

Personal growth – through being a Big and relationships in the Big Sisters community.  

What would you like the community to know about Big Sisters? 

It’s a valuable organization that serves a paramount purpose in our community. Providing mentoring to at-risk girls before they reach critical junctures in their adolescence is the best way to ensure they have the tools and skills to make choices that will benefit them, their families and their communities long term.  

What would you say to someone who is interested in becoming a Big Sister?
It’s a wild and personal ride, and so deeply fulfilling. The best way to make a difference is to jump in and get involved! 

Stay tuned as we continue to highlight the inspiring alumnae of Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland. If you have been involved in Big Sisters and want to be included in more of the alumnae community, please reach out through our contact page or social media handles- @bigsistersbclm