GrapeJuice: The Story of how Cheryl and Sarah Gave Back

Mentoring has great benefits for both Big Sisters and Little Sisters. For that reason, it is important to acknowledge the organizations and individuals that make mentoring programs happen. Without the support from our generous donors, Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland would not be what it is today.

Two particularly generous individuals that we are thankful for are Cheryl Nakamoto and Sarah McNeill of McNeill Nakamoto Recruitment Group.

Cheryl and Sarah have been hosting the GrapeJuice Wine Auction for 10 years. Being the founders of GrapeJuice, our annual wine auction fundraiser, and devoted to helping the community, Cheryl and Sarah deserve further recognition. For that reason, Big Sisters BCLM nominated them for the Giving Hearts Award—a program created to acknowledge the true expression of philanthropy. And, they won!

For 10 years, GrapeJuice has had a huge impact on the development and success of our mentoring programs. Since it was founded, GrapeJuice has successfully raised over $700,000 which has allowed for 350 Big Sister matches to take place. By helping fund mentoring relationships, GrapeJuice has allowed many young girls reach their full potential.

Apart from donating money through GrapeJuice, Sarah and Cheryl have also donated their time and energy. In preparation for GrapeJuice, the staff at McNeill Nakamoto Recruitment Group volunteer their time to figure out the logistics of the event (getting everything from venue to sponsors takes time!). Additionally, the staff at McNeill Nakamoto Recruitment Group are present at the event to encourage guests to donate and get further involved with Big Sisters BCLM.

Taking into account that Cheryl and Sarah have supported Big Sisters for 10 years by donating their time, effort, and money to make GrapeJuice happen, it is clear that they deserve the Giving Hearts Award. Thank you to the Association of Fundraising Professionals for helping us honor these two amazing women.