Donor Spotlight: UPS’ Commitment to Mentorship

We’re so lucky to have UPS as a major partner. They not only donate significant funds to our activities committee who organizes exciting events for our Littles and their Bigs, but they’ve also volunteered over 268 hours in the past three years. We talked with Cindy from UPS to hear what they like best about volunteering with Big Sisters!

Q: What is UPS’ focus in community giving?

In August 2017, UPS celebrated 110 years and the company has been a part of the Canadian community for over 40 years.  As we continue to grow and evolve, so do the communities we live in and serve. The UPS Foundation’s current philanthropic approach focuses on four areas that represent the purpose of our mission and reflect UPS’s corporate values and expertise: diversity and inclusion, volunteerism, community safety, and environmental sustainability.

Q: Why has UPS chosen to get involved with Big Sisters?

Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland and UPS Canada have a rich history and place a strong focus on mentorship of our people.

At UPS we have a Women’s Leadership Development Committee (WLD) that focuses on the development of our female employees, networking, and enriching the talent within our workforce. In 2016, the UPS WLD committee celebrated 10 years with a breakfast conference in Toronto with UPS senior leadership, employees, and our customers. Similarly, Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland places a strong emphasis on championing the potential in each ‘Little’ and creating strong connections between a Bigs and Littles.

Q: What’s it like to volunteer with Big Sisters?

It has been an absolute pleasure to volunteer with Big Sisters. Since our partnership began in 2014, we’ve dedicated over 268 hours. The staff is very friendly, thankful for the support, and makes us feel like a valued part of the team and community.

Q: Why is volunteering such an important part of UPS’ work culture?

Volunteering is an opportunity for us to help and give back to the communities in which we live and serve. In fact, October at UPS is named ‘Global Volunteer Month’, UPSers across the world are encouraged to volunteer, give back, and support our communities.

We support our employees to the degree where community grants are awarded to organizations who are gifted with a minimum of 50 volunteer hours from UPS employees.

Furthermore, on an annual basis, UPS hosts a United Way fundraising campaign and I can proudly say that for 17 consecutive years, UPS and its employees have raised over 1 million dollars, receiving the Thanks A Million Award every year since the year 2000.

Q: What surprised you most about working together with Big Sisters?

For myself, the thing that surprised me the most about Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland was how running a charity out of a home, rather than an office, makes the entire organization feel like family.

Q: What keeps you engaged as a Big Sisters supporter?

The work that Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland does, inspires me every day! It makes me smile to know that hundreds of young girls in our communities are benefiting from positive female mentorship and are paying it forward by helping “Little Sisters” solidify their place in our community.

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