Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland’s Annual Report – 2022 to 2023

In a world marked by increasing challenges in mental health, inequity, and social isolation, the role of Big Sisters is more crucial than ever for girls, non-binary, transgender, and gender-diverse youth. 

Our mentorship programs in BC Lower Mainland have helped youth successfully overcome barriers to education and foster long-lasting relationships that transform the lives of young people. By offering advice and guidance, we have been able to ignite, inspire and unleash the potential of 469 lives in the past year alone. 

Looking forward, we eagerly anticipate the impact of our innovative group mentorship programs and the development of our mentorship hub, a collaborative community space that will further enhance the positive influence of Big Sisters on the young people we support. As we continue to deepen our commitment, we remain dedicated to expanding the reach and impact of Big Sisters in the years ahead.

Click below to read Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland’s annual report for fiscal years 2022 to 2023.