Overcoming Loneliness through Mentorship

Growing up, Big Sister Raylene was troubled with loneliness. After her parents split up, her dad moved away while her mom worked long hours. She felt like she was missing out and that she had no one to talk to.

“It was very hard. I felt very lonely,” said Raylene as she looks back.

Little Sister Amy describes her childhood as lonely. The other kids don’t invite her to play and her mom works tirelessly. Before she met Raylene, she felt like there was no one to hang out with, confide in, and look up to.

“I was having trouble making friends before, so I wanted someone who I could go to places with,” said Amy wishfully.



Things turned around for both of them when they were matched through Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland.

Becoming a Big Sister filled a hole that Raylene didn’t know she was missing. Hanging out with Amy helps her let loose and feel like a kid again. She knows, from her experience growing up, the power of mentorship. With Amy, she becomes the friend whom she needed when she was younger.

“Every girl should have someone to look up to. I know, from experience, not having that really affected me. Being a part of Amy’s life gives her someone she can always to talk to,” said Raylene.

Amy found a best friend and role model. She has someone to confide in, laugh with, and share new experiences. She now also learns how to let go of troubles and stay positive. With Raylene, Amy can express her childish wonder and enthusiastic spirit.

“I feel like I’m not lonely anymore. I don’t feel sad or that no one likes me because she’s really nice and she cares for me. I have a lot of fun with her because it makes my days feel brighter,” remarked Amy with a smile.



Every week, Raylene and Amy visit places, play games, and enjoy each other’s company. They help each other feel less lonely.

“It’s a sisterhood. It’s a friendship. It’s everything you could ever want. There’s trust, there’s love, there’s understanding. We just genuinely care about each other.”

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