Virtual Study Buddy Program

We are excited to be offering our Study Buddy program in an online format!

What is the Study Buddy Program?

The Study Buddy program is a weekly one-to-one mentoring relationship that focuses on school work. Littles in this program not only improve their academics but also report a higher level of self-esteem. This program is for all female identified youth who need academic assistance. 

 The program runs through the summer depending on the needs of the Little Study Buddy and the match’s summer schedule. We encourage our new matches to continue to meet over the summer because even if they aren’t working on homework, they’re building a stronger connection.

The program strives to do the following:

Provide an academic role model to girls, transgender youth, and non-binary youth ages 7-17

Increase educational performance

Promote the importance of staying in school and increase school attendance

Enhance educational goal setting

Decrease disruptive behaviour in school

Study Buddies work together to set appropriate educational goals for the Little. With the support of a Study Buddy tutor, Little Study Buddies are encouraged and equipped to improve their educational performance and meet their academic goals, which contributes to their overall self-esteem.

88% of the girls that join this program improve their grades and report a higher self esteem