About The Luminary Award

“The Big Sisters Luminary Award” is presented by Big Sisters annually. The award’s intent is to celebrate and honour the tremendous value and far-reaching impact of mentorship in our professional and personal lives, by profiling an individual or couple that stands out in one or more of the following ways:

  • Commitment to mentorship within their industry or through public service
  • Founder or key contributor for a program or service that achieved significant results for girls and young women in their community
  • Championed community involvement in support of girls and young women’s causes

Strong consideration will be given to nominees who have demonstrated leadership in their communities and networks with a specific focus on their impact in Volunteerism and Philanthropy.

Through the Luminary Award, Big Sisters honors those who share our values in making the world a better place for children and their families through the far reaching impact of mentorship and philanthropy.

Luminary Award Recipients

Andrea Thomas Hill (2018 Recipient)

Wendy Lisogar Cocchia and Sergio Cocchia (2017 Recipients)

John Montalbano (2016 Recipient)

Fiona Macfarlane (2015 Recipient)

Join us in celebrating mentorship at The Luminary Award Soirée!