Host a Fundraising Event

What’s a Fundraising Event?

A fundraising event (fundraiser) is the process of seeking and gathering voluntary financial contributions by engaging individuals or businesses. Overall, it is a unique way to give to organize an event in your community where the proceeds are donated to our cause. These community third party fundraisers are a fantastic way to raise funds for our mentoring programs and spread awareness of Big Sisters in communities outside of our own.

Fundraisers for Big Sisters can take many forms. From quiz or movie nights, BBQ’s, office raffle or 50/50 draw, art shows, benefit concerts to casino nights – the possibilities are endless. You may already have a work holiday party or summer event coming up that you want to add a philanthropic impact to. 

How to plan a successful Charity Event in 5 steps.

It’s never easy to get started, but we have your back. 

Step 1 – Define your event 

Getting a clear idea of how you will be fundraising and with who is essential to get started. get your friends together and Brainstorm Ideas!

Step 2 – Set a fundraising goal & budget

How much money are you hoping to raise? Having a financial goal will not only be of great help when crowdfunding, but it will also help you work around a set budget to give exactly what you set as a goal. 

Step 3 – Find a venue

Knowing where you will host your event will define the event in itself. Some venues may also be willing to provide you with a discount, match your fundraising goal or even provide the space for free. A great way to score a free venue is also to speak with your workplace, large corporate offices are often keen on supporting charity fundraisers!

Step 4 – Market your charity event 

You may not be a marketing guru, but social media is an easy way to market your event. Create a Facebook event, create a post on Instagram and ask your friends to promote the event through stories! If you need extra help, our team at Big Sisters is always there to lend you a hand, give you advice and share your event to our community of over 3000+ followers. 

Step 5 – Decide how you’ll accept donations

Most events just accept cash donations, however in this day and age, you have other options!

  • Facebook Post or event with a Donate Button 
  • E-transfer, create an email address for your event and gather donations easily
  • Gofundme page marketed to your event

For more information, here’s a Handy Toolkit  we created for you!

Ideas to get your fundraiser started

Our community has put together some fantastic and original fundraising events in the past. They were unique and highlighted their personalities all the while giving back to a good cause they believed in, youth mentoring. Planning Tips and Ideas

Ready to start ?

It’s time. Make it happen. 

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For more questions we haven’t answered, please reach out to our expert Marni Weinstein who will be able to guide you every step of the way 

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