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Host a Big Little Activity

Step 1. General information

A unique way to give to Big Sisters is by holding a match event for our Little and Big Sisters to attend together. These events are a great opportunity for our matches to do something special together, meet other Big and Little Sisters and learn something new in the process.

A match event is any event or activity organized by a non-affiliated individual who has a special skill or access to an activity and can offer this to our matches to try. Big Sisters has no financial responsibility for these events; however, we do have our own volunteer-run Activities Committee who will help plan and, if needed, help carry out the event.

Step 2. Complete application

Submit your completed application to Big Sisters a minimum of 4-6 months before your event. Unsure if your event is a good fit for Big Sisters? Contact Us first so we can chat!


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Step 3. Receive approval and start planning

Receive approval from Big Sisters for your event (please allow 1 month).

Work together with the Activities Committee and/or staff liaison to decide where and when the event will take place, how many matches can attend and any other details specific to your event.

Create an event description and submit at least 1 month in advance to the staff liaison facilitating the event, including any consent forms that may be required. Big Sisters will advertise the event and create a sign-up sheet to let you know how many matches are signed up prior to the event date.

Remember – event planning always takes longer than you expect. Give yourself enough time to create a successful event!

Step 4. Hold your event!

Hold your event and have fun! Please note any photos taken at the event cannot be shared; however, they can be sent to the staff liaison who will share through Big Sisters social media where deemed appropriate.

Questions? Check out our FAQs