GrapeJuice – Wine Donations

Instructions for GrapeJuice Donors

  1. Open this link –
  2. Click button that says ‘BUY AND DONATE TO GRAPEJUICE NOW’
  3. Add wines to cart that you’d like to purchase and donate
  4. When shopping is complete, select ‘Go to cart’, and then ‘Proceed to checkout’

What to do in Checkout

  1. Shipping Method: Select ‘In-Store Pickup’ (Wine will be consolidated at the New District store for GrapeJuice/Big Sisters Auction, and delivered to the venue on your behalf)
  2. Select ‘Continue to Addresses’: Enter your billing address and then in the Gift Message box type GrapeJuice (This ensures we know your order is for the GrapeJuice/Big Sisters Auction)
  3. Select ‘Continue to Payment’: Enter payment information and click Place Order Now!  
  4. That’s it! You’re done! GrapeJuice/Big Sisters will issue your tax receipt and send it to you separately.

For assistance with purchases and checkout, please contact Alana at New District 604-340-3621


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