Activities Committee Terms of Reference

Please note that new members must commit to a six-month commitment. This means attending each Activity Committee meeting, which are held approximately once per month.


  • The Activities Committee will plan and execute fun, educational, multicultural, and community-orientated group activities for Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland’s Big & Little Sister matches
  • The activities planned by the Activities Committee serve several purposes:
    • To enable Matches to connect with other matches and engage in a social environment To help build the self-esteem and confidence of our Little Sisters through participation in a group environment
    • To introduce Little Sisters to experiences and opportunities, they may otherwise not have the opportunity to participate in or discover
    • To promote cross-cultural awareness amongst our Big and Little Sisters through multicultural activities
    • To promote Big Sisters’ Healthy Living Initiative with our Big & Little Sisters by encouraging a healthy mind, body, and spirit
    • To instil a sense of community belonging and connectedness in our Little Sisters


  • The Activities Committee will meet approximately once a month and must meet a minimum of 8 times per year
  • The members of the Activities Committee will also attend and facilitate the activities


  • Plan 10-15 group activities per year for Big & Little Sister matches that are approved by our Activities budget and that appeal to the different interests and age groups of our matches
  • Encourages that each of the following is incorporated in at least one of the annual activities
    • Big Sisters Healthy Living Initiative
    • Activities that specifically target different Little Sisters age groups
    • Activities that are held in different areas of the Lower Mainland
  • Attend activities and help with the planning/execution of the activity including booking venues, liaising with facilitators/venue contacts, shopping for supplies, picking up/dropping off supplies at the Big Sisters house, taking photos at the event, set up and clean up, distributing/collecting Activity Evaluation forms, and running the event
  • Attend activity, and adjust future activity plans accordingly
  • Registration for each activity will be taken by the Program Assistant at Big Sisters
  • Conduct an annual cleanup of activities/craft supplies in the Big Sisters basement.

Composition of Committee & Terms

  • The Activities Committee is comprised of agency volunteers who have been screened by the Agency; the minimum age requirement is 17 years old with no maximum age requirement; the Committee welcomes all nationalities and backgrounds
  • A Staff Liaison (from the Casework Team) will be appointed by the Big Sisters Program Manager the Agency to be a member of the Activities Committee. The Staff Liaison will attend all Committee meetings. Their role on the committee will be to:
    • Act as a general agency and community resource for the Committee Chair(s) and Committee
    • Provide ideas and direction from an agency/counselling perspective
    • Assist with room bookings and other logistics for meetings and activities
    • Approve Committee expense forms
    • Send all activity evaluation forms and testimonial quotes from evaluations to the Activities Committee Liaison
  • Committee Members are required to do a Criminal Record Check
  • All Activities Committee members must submit an Activities Committee Application Form to the agency (with a professional reference) and be formally accepted as a volunteer before they can serve on the Committee
  • The Activities Committee is chaired by a volunteer (or volunteers) appointed by Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland. The Committee Chair(s) must commit to a minimum one year term and can serve for an unlimited amount of time at the discretion of the Agency
  • New committee members must commit to a minimum six month term, which entails coming to each Activity Committee meeting, held approximately once a month. Afterwards, members can serve for an unlimited amount of time at the discretion of the Agency
  • Active membership on the Activities Committee involves ongoing attendance at committee meetings and at activities planned by the Committee. Members have to attend a minimum of three meetings per year


  • The Activities Committee will report to the Committee Chair(s); the Committee Chair(s) will report to the Staff Liaison
  • The schedule of activities, meeting minutes, and list of active committee members will be reported regularly to the Staff Liaison
  • Each December the Committee Chair(s) will provide the Staff Liaison with an annual report of all activities organized during the year


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