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Fall Newsletter 2021 

September is Big Brothers Big Sisters month when we celebrate the impact of mentoring in our community. This month, I’m happy to share two stories that exemplify how acts of mentorship can give comfort today and inspire the future. You will read about how Matida’s mentor, Sophie helped her through the uncertainty of the last year and how youth at our Future You Camp had the opportunity to explore different career possibilities and imagine big futures. Most importantly, this month is a time to reaffirm our commitment to the young people and their families who we serve, our volunteers and supporters.



Spring Newsletter 2021 

As we approach the spring, I am conscious that this can be a time for renewal and a time of celebration. I’m so proud to share that, with your help, we served over 595 youth last year! This includes our dedicated team not only supporting youth in our programs, but also their families, our volunteers and continuing to help ignite potential and build resilience ensuring the brightest possible future for all Little Sisters. Successes of the last year are part of a long history of dedicated individuals helping to make a real difference in the lives of all the youth Big Sisters serves.


Winter Newsletter 2020 

I’m sure like many of you, I currently find it difficult to reflect on 2020 with a lot of clarity. However, one thing I am absolutely certain of is the pride I have experienced witnessing the strength of the Big Sisters community. Mentoring builds resilience and we often challenge our youth to face adversity head-on. As an organization, we could hardly have demanded less of ourselves than we do of others and I am in awe of the dedication the Big Sisters team has shown over the last year.


Fall Newsletter 2020 

September is Big Brothers Big Sisters month when the over 100 agencies across Canada celebrate the power of mentorship and the potential of young people. During this month we thank our volunteers who give over 45,000 hours a year helping to make a difference in the lives of at-risk youth and their families. Of course, all this work would not be possible without our dedicated supporters.



Spring/Summer Newsletter 2020 

As you know, 2020 marks Big Sisters’ 60th anniversary. Over those decades we have been witness to so much change, but nothing quite like the situation that we are experiencing in the world today. Like you, the last weeks for us have been marked by concern and adjustment. Every day has been about doing all we can to safeguard the physical and mental health of our staff, volunteers and most importantly, Littles, while trying to navigate a new daily reality during this global pandemic. We know that trauma and uncertainty will most acutely impact the vulnerable among us. The at risk girls we serve are already facing socio-economic adversities that will be amplified by this crisis.



Winter Newsletter 2019 

The end of the year is a good time to celebrate recent successes, but also to take a moment and reflect on our rich history. 2020 marks Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland’s 60th anniversary. Our program began operating out of the YWCA, where a single part-time caseworker supported 50 Big and Little Sister matches in our first year. Our original mission was to start a social movement to promote the welfare of girls. Though the mission has changed in words, the spirit of the goal remains the same: providing mentorship to youth so all young people realize their full potential.



Fall Newsletter 2019 

September marked Big Brother Big Sisters of Canada Month, which brought some exciting changes for the future.

You’ll undoubtedly notice this newsletter has a new look.  In June, the National Board of Directors unanimously approved a new mission, vision and brand for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada and it was was officially revealed on September 18th.  This marked the culmination of a 20-month collaborative process to develop a clear strategy for the federation that will allow agencies across Canada to speak with a unified voice.  
 I am so excited to share with you that Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland will adopt the following mission and vision… 


Spring/Summer Newsletter 2019

“Becoming a Big Sister has changed my life. Not only have I become someone my little can count on thru hard times but, my little has inspired me beyond measure, teaching me true resilience and strength.” – Big Sister Brittany
Read more about Britt’s Match story below.

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