Your gift will change a life.

Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland supports over 800 Big and Little Sister matches, igniting the potential of our youth and encouraging them to dream big.  With your support, we can do more.

In addition to our existing matches, we receive over 400 new referrals each year. With such a demand, we sometimes must close intake as we don’t have the resources to serve every child.

  • Up to 87% of our girls come from low income households.
  • 40% report struggling with mental health issues.
  • 1 in 5 girls in BC have reported harming themselves.

Many are referred through child welfare and most lack a caring adult to confide in. 

Mentoring helps girls find direction through adversity and prevents childhood challenges from becoming problems in adulthood that might require more extreme and costly intervention. 

  • Girls with a mentor are 2.5x more likely to be confident in their academic ability.
  • 88% of girls in our Study Buddy program saw an increase in their grades.
  • Investing in a girls’ life can help break the cycle of poverty and drug abuse.
  • Increased self-confidence leads to better education, and higher wages for women.

Our Little Sisters are resilient and show amazing potential, they simply need a spark to make them shine.

Your gift today, marks the beginning of a new chapter in the journey of a girl still waiting for her Big Sister.

Give her the spark she deserves to shine.