We believe in the value and values of mentoring.”

Become a Study Buddy

Help a young girl reach her academic goals by volunteering in our      Study Buddy Mentoring Program!


STEP 1 - Confirm you meet the Study Buddy qualifications

  • Age 19 or older.
  • Mature, stable, reliable and respectful of others.
  • Canadian resident for the past year (or able to provide an International Criminal Records Check).
  • Able to commit to spending 1 hour a week with your Little Sister for at least 6 months (yes, occasional vacations and work travel are fine!)
  • Interested in helping a girl (aged 7-17) reach her academic goals.
  • High school diploma and some post-secondary (in-progress or complete).
  • Experience helping others learn.
  • Fluent in reading, writing and speaking English.

STEP 2 - "BIG Intro for Study Buddies" Slides

Read through this short slide show about becoming a Study Buddy tutor.

STEP 3 - Application & Criminal Record Check

Fill out and submit a Study Buddy Application. Instructions and forms for initiating your Criminal Records Check are inside the application.  Be sure to download the application, which will allow you to save your work and email to Big Sisters.

STEP 4 - Interview & Training

Once we receive your application we'll contact you to schedule you for an interview with one of our caseworkers and register you for a Study Buddy Training Session. 

STEP 5 - Meet your Little Sister Study Buddy!

Once you've completed the steps above and your application is accepted, we'll begin looking for a Little Sister for you (we try to match you with a girl who lives in your city). Once you're matched, your caseworker will provide you with on-going support and check-ins.   


Check out our Frequently Asked Questions or email us.

 We Value Diversity

Big Sisters welcomes the participation of women of any race, culture, religion, sexual orientation, or ability.