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Big Sisters Launches Sustainability Initiative

February 2013


The Buzz of Sustainability...

Sustainable cities. Sustainable living. Sustainable environments. Sustainable companies. And yes, even sustainable charities.

According to Wikipedia, sustainability is basically the capacity to support, maintain or endure.



So what does sustainability mean for Big Sisters?

It means that we need to make sure we have enough money to count on in the future so we can plan to help more Little Sisters. Here are the facts: 

  • We help about 630 girls each year. 
  • It costs Big Sisters over $1M annually to help those girls.  The money is raised from a mix of generous foundations, governments, corporate supporters and individual donors, and event revenues. 
  • It takes us approximately one year to raise $1M.  Meaning…we raise the money in the year that we spend it.

Well that sounds ok, what’s wrong with that?

There is nothing wrong with staying status quo and helping 630 girls a year.  But what if one year we can’t raise $1M? What do we do about the increasing demand for our programs?  What if we want to expand a program in a community where there is an urgent need?  What if we want to try a new mentoring model for those at-risk girls who are hard to reach?

How can we plan for the future when we are only raising money for today?  Ultimately, we can’t.  We can’t start planning until we know we can count on the money being there. But what we can count on, is you.

How do we make Big Sisters truly “sustainable”?

Big Sisters is ready to make some BIG changes with you.  2013 is the year we start talking, planning and asking for sustainability from our donors.  You will hear us talking about monthly giving which gives us ongoing funds we can count on.  You will learn about ways for you to leave a legacy of giving through your will. You will hear us asking our corporate partners to consider multi-year commitments.  You will be receiving more inspiring Big and Little Sister stories from us to remind us why mentoring is so important.

We understand that this way of giving won’t be a fit for everyone, but we know there are many of you who will want to be part of this BIG shift, and others who will want to continue giving as you traditionally have.  We are committed to working with you to ensure you are happy with the way you are giving and how we are using your donations.

Simply put, we are focusing on the future of Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland so we can ensure we are around for decades to come.  The more we work together to bring in funds we can count on well into the future, the more girls we can help reach their full potential through mentoring.

Talk to us

One of my favorite things about working for Big Sisters is the openness.  We talk about everything and transparency is important to us.  I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas and how you might be keen to be part of this BIG change for Big Sister’s future.  Thank you for listening!